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new new mexico

The visual and oral histories we share with one another may evoke or capture, but they also frustrate and hide. New New Mexico is a video that explores memory, imagination, storytelling and portraiture. Moving between moments both public and private, both observed and imagined, New New Mexico features multiple protagonists, journeys, tastes, and senses. A new kind of love song, New New Mexico is about the synesthesia that occurs through perception and imagination, between the visual and its sibling senses, a sound to be seen, and a taste to be lived as it is retold. It is at once homage to films about food and the search for experience and knowledge, as well as an assertion of the failure to attain the above. Nevertheless, New New Mexico is a neverneverland, where thoughts have materiality, and the material world possesses potential for transformation and metaphor.

© Ka-Man Tse 2008
DVD Region 1 - NTSC
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